Tap programs are offered for all ages and abilities. This upbeat style of dance combines rhythm and technique which transforms your feet into an instrument that plays along with the music. 

Musical Theatre 

Musical Theatre is a great way to show off ones theatrical ability. It combines music, songs, acting, and dance. Through a combination of dance and theatre, Musical Theatre allows students to express their innermost creativity & expression while learning classic show tunes! 

Jazz / Stretch & Technique

Jazz is an enjoyable and exciting way for children to express themselves. Our jazz classes will help dancers increase strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.We recommend that all prospective jazz dancers participate in ballet classes as well. 

hip hop

Hip hop is a fun, high energy, fast paced class that will challenge students' coordination abilities and skills. It has become one of the most popular dance styles over the past few years. This style is used in almost all music videos seen on TV. Hip hop focuses more on attitude and style rather than technique. 


Contemporary/ Lyrical dance is a blend of ballet and jazz dance. This class focuses on balance, posture, strength, and technique as well as portraying emotion through dance. Choreography is usually expressive, enthralling and delicate all at the same time. Students interested in contemporary dance should have ballet and jazz experience.


Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration as well as spatial awareness. A style of dance that combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatics elements.

To determine class level placement use the following guidelines:

Level 1: No prior experience necessary.

Level 2: Backbend (from standing), Kicking over from a bridge and having a front limber is preferred to enter this class

Level 3: Students must have/or be working on their back handspring to enter this class.


Ballet is the most important style of dance to study as it is the fundamental building block of all disciplines. We encourage all students to participate in this class as it develops good posture, balance, coordination and aids students in achieving excellence in all other forms of dance. Ballet is split up into three different levels; I, II and III. Level I will focus on techniques which consist of correct body placement and movement, simple ballet terminology, and simple turns. Levels II and III will focus on techniques which are more in depth with terminology. Simple combinations going across the floor are introduced; barre and center floor exercises are used for strengthening and conditioning. Jumps, leaps, and turns are also a major focus in these levels.